Monday, 12 May 2014

Wood carving

There are many  form of wood carving , that play a significant role in cerimonial and tradicional life and that have also an aestheticic value.  The ubiquitous Akwaaba fertility dools come in many different shape, size and style, there are also many mask and scultures available,  the Mask in the shop  come from Burkina Faso, Caesar  home country.


The Temptations Art&Craft Shop sells batik, kente weavings, glass bead necklaces and earrings,paintings, pottery, clothing, mask, wood carving, Djambè .
African art , it's necessary to know that all tradicional and most conteporary art is functional. Even though much of it is aesthetically pleasing it was crated to be used. The decoration could serve as a means of communication, as in the adinkra symbols that are based on proverbs. Art work for state regaliais carefully controlled as to colours and designs, but still room for the artist to reach  level of creativity and they take pride in their work.


It doesn't matter if you are beginner, with no sense of time at all, or a long-term pro looking for new beat and fills, Caesar will show you how to play drums with more confidence.
20 Ghc a hour.
Contact:+233 54 647 9944
According to the Bamana people in Mali, the name Djembe come from the saying "anke djè, anke be, witch translates to " everyone gather toghether in peace" .